High Pressure Air Compressor

High Pressure Air Compressors Provide High quality, Long lasting life and standard performance.

Two Stage Air Compressor

Two-stage air compressors have a higher output and generate less heat, ensuring a longer working life.

Single Two Stage Compressor

Single Stage series compressors have a cast iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plate for strength and durability.

Vacuum Pumps

These pumps achieve vacuum upto 737 mm (29.0' Hg) for single stage and upto 754.4 mm (29.7" Hg) for two stage configuration, at sea level.

Water Cooled Air Compressor

Water Cooled air Compressors are ideal for sand blasting & other pneumatic application where huge quantity of air required at less pressure

Small & large Reciprocating Compressor Spare Parts

We manufacture and export air & gas compressor replacement parts and kits for both single and double acting piston (reciprocating) compressors of all leading brands over the globe.