Dynamic Balancing For Centrifugal Rotating Elements

The performance of compressor goes down time by time. Few of the main reasons for this low performance are as follows.

  1. Corrosion
  2. Dust
  3. High vibration
  4. Wear and tear
  5. Lack of maintenance
  6. And much more

We not only refurbish the compressor but also giving guidance to maintain the product to reduce down time and cost in future. We are examining air and gas compressor to ensure cost and time of refurbishment. Replacement of part is easy but very costly for the customer. We are taking care to use existing parts at most to ensure original performance. Replacing or repairing part is not enough to get efficient output of air or gas compressors. Retrofit is most crucial part of total compressor refurbishment process.

We start the whole refurbish process with dynamic balancing to ensure damages and its remedies.  The term “unbalance” comes from “balance”, which in turn comes from “scales”. Scales are in equilibrium when the same weight exists on both sides of the scale beam. The mass distribution of a rotor about its rotational axis can be considered in the same way. An uneven distribution of the mass is called unbalance. It causes centrifugal forces, vibrations and noises during rotation, which become stronger and more uncomfortably noticeable at higher speeds. Bearings, rotor assemblies, housings and foundations can be subjected to very high stresses caused by vibrations resulting from unbalance and these result in greater wear. Products with unbalanced parts often have a shorter service life. Unbalance can substantially reduce a machine’s operating safety man and machine are at risk. Forces caused by unbalance, disruptive vibrations and noises are removed by balancing. This involves improving the mass distribution of a rotor so that smaller centrifugal forces act in its bearings.

MAXWELL provide balancing services for any rotating elements. Our trained balancer will solve any kinds of unbalance problems with great experiences.

Finding and Curing Procedures of Root Causes of High Vibration

  1. Receiving & Inspection
  2. Cleaning Process— Blasting
  3. Mechanical & Electrical Run-out Test
  4. Assemble Components Using Precision Tools
  5. Dynamic, Static & Couple (Moment) Balancing
  6. Precision Correction
  7. Demagnetize
  8. Reporting