Small & large Reciprocating Compressor Spare Parts

We manufacture and export air & gas compressor replacement parts and kits for both single and double acting piston (reciprocating) compressors of all leading brands over the globe.

Precision in manufacturing is our strength. We guide our customer for replacement as well as maintenance of our compressor parts.

We are making Crank Shaft Bushing & Connecting Rod, Piston & Piston Rings Wearing/Rider Rings & Rod Packing Sets, Cylinders Piston, Piston Rings & Piston Pins, Plates Finger Valves, Piston Rods & Connecting Rods Assembly, Channel Valve Assembly for Compressors.

Crank Shaft Bushing & Connecting Rod

Overhung Crankshaft

  • Our overhung crankshaft designs make possible solid connecting rod
  • Crankshaft rotates on two heavy duty ball bearings
  • Overhung Crankshaft with replaceable crank pin bush
  • Perfect Machining with proper drilling for centrifugal unloaders
  • Dynamic balanced cranksaft rotate freely
  • Axial aligned, Perfect machined and hydraulic pressed crankshaft.

Steel Bushings

  • Proper basic material with CNC machining, proper in house heat treated and maintained tolerances surface grinding with smooth shining surface
  • Ensure perfect size match with the dimension with crankshaft and connecting rod for easy assembly with long life

Connecting Rods

  • Aluminum, bronze, SG iron & forging connecting rods
  • Precisely machined at both end
  • Ensured perfect dimension at Bush & pin holes machine
  • Great finishing & long lasting
  • Ensure permissible tolerance

Piston & Piston Rings Wearing/Rider Rings & Rod Packing Sets


Individual Casting and moulding ensure material quality control with best possible wear characteristics .Exacting measurements produce rings to make any compressor at maximum efficiency.


  • Materials- metallic, phoenolic, Resilon-T, thermoplastics carbon filled Teflon.
  • Engineered to exacting OEM specification
  • All sizes and types of packing with variable rod and packing size
  • Perfect hardness(proper-D hardness) and perfect composition of carbon/bronze with Teflon in NL rings.
  • Interchangeable as per cartain part nos. of each rings.
  • Available as per part nos. in individual ring set.
  • Normally ex-stock available.

Cylinders Piston, Piston Rings & Piston Pins


  • Each cylinder separately cast
  • Graded casting used to met OEM Quality
  • Machined & bored to equalizing permissible tolerances
  • Perfect vertically bored with proper fixture ensure proper assembly with related


  • Available in steel, cast iron & alloy, fully machined
  • Perfect dimension, finishing and material construction
  • Diamond polished and packed properly
  • Variety of certified base stock magnaflux tasted
  • Dulley checked manually individual piston for porocity. acy, weight and piston ring groove size

Piston Rings

  • Each piston Rings are imported
  • Importer & Stockist of Piston Rings
  • Each sets are imported and quality assured
  • WEach Piston Rings are as per certain OEM part No.
  • Each Piston Rings are suitable & consist proper
  • With the no of the rings as per the part no.
  • Proper Inspected and Check before Execution

Piston Pins

  • Manufactured with 100% OEC Equivalent material & specification
  • Each Pin are manicured & finished with in permissible tolerances
  • Each pins are thumb push as per the part no to relevant piston.
  • Proper machined and finishing
  • Manufactured with most advanced and latest machinery and highly skilled

Plates Finger Valves

Valve Seat, Stop Plates & Spacer Plates

  • Proper raw material exacting to OEM arr carefully in house heat treated to desired properties for each application. Insure maximum strength wear and impact resistance
  • Perfect machining and drilling
  • Interchanges as per part number
  • Ensure and perfect assembly with related and reference parts
  • Perfect lift with proper machining to have confirm pressure
  • Machined, drilled, grinned and lapped

Valve Plates, Spring Plates & Finger Valve

  • Ensure leak proof valve plates & finger valves
  • Imported (sanvik) raw material used.
  • Proper raw material with 100% relevant properties of material.
  • Perfect stampling & cutting.
  • Proper in house heat treatment and processed.
  • Proper sizing and finishing
  • Ensure Proper fitment Polished.

Piston Rods & Connecting Rods Assembly


  • Availability- Ex Stock
  • 100% Quality assured
  • Certification of raw materials
  • Exacting ‘OEM’ & Specifications
  • Magnaflux & Ultrasonic tested
  • Induction hardening Where proper
  • Experienced engineering
  • Skilled craftsman
  • Most Competitive Price
  • Maxwell dependability & Best Quality


Maxwell requires mill certification (including ultrasonic testing ) to exacting standers on all stocks. In-house quality checks verify precise metallurgical composition. In addition to finished shelf stocks of most slandered rods in 4140 steel, Large inventories of specialty and exotic steels are ready immediate production.


Maxwell requires mill certification (Including ultrasonic testing) to exchange standards on all raw stocks. In- house quality checks verifyprecise metallurgical composition. In addition to finished shelf stocks of most standard rods in 4140 steel, large inventories of specialty and exotic steels are ready immediate production.

Heat Treatment

All rods are property heat treated to match OEM specification is normally used expect where the application indicates otherwise, for example, in corrosive service


  • Immediate delivery on stock items
  • Earliest delivery on special order rods
  • Guaranteed safe, dependable, long life
  • Meets or exceeds specifications
  • Confidence in finished products
  • Eliminates hidden flaws, unnecessary breakdown
  • Match exceed specification for any application
  • Long life, less wear
  • Years of OEM & field wisdom available to solve the toughest problems
  • State-of-the art technology & knowledge
  • Reduced overhead
  • Saves money, reduces downtime


Maxwell quality control is equal or superior to most of the OEMs. At Maxwell a quality control reject is scrapped – not reworked to “make do”. Rod finishes are controlled by surface grinding to fit OEM specifications and application requirements of even the most exacting high pressure condition, requiring better than a 4 micro inch RMS surface. Quality checks insure that surface grind suits each application, such as requirements for teflon impregnation in mini-lube or non-lube service. Threads are manufactured to exacting specification as required by the application and OEM. Go, No Go gauge insure a final check of proper thered mating with rod nuts and cross head. Magnaflux and ultrasonic checks are your final assurance that each Maxwell rod perform without hidden flaw.

Channel Valve Assembly for Compressors

Stop Plate and Valve Seats

Maxwell Stop Plate & Valve Seats are manufactured as per technical specification of material and technical drawing Stop Plate and Valve Seats are manufacture at our factory with advanced machinery to match proper assembly to get maximum flow area for given whole diameter as compared to conventional plate valves

Plate Seats

Maxwell reversible plates seats renew and re power the valve seat without re machining with 100% flat lapped surface

Channel Sets

Maxwell Guides & Flow Balancers are manufactured as per technical drawing within permissible tolerances for perfect assembly and proper movement of Chanel in suction and discharged valves.

Guides & Flow Balancers

Maxwell Guides & Flow Balancers are manufactured as per technical drawing within permissible tolerances for perfect assembly and proper movement of channel in suction and discharged valves

Lub & Non Lub Valve Assembly

Maxwell offer complete renege of section/discharge valves for air and gas compressors to meat with proper pressured air With static quality control and assembly of valves

Replacement Valve Kit

Maxwell offer replacement Kit for suction/discharge valve to re power your valves assembly.

Replacement Valve Spares

Maxwell offer all replacement spares for suction/discharge Valves.All Valve parts are interchangeable and suitable as per certain part no of each part